Practice Production

The links below are my design proposals that I designed for a live project.   practice production (1)   The following are my portfolio work in digital! PRINT 1 print 2 print 3 print 4 print 5 print 6   UNIT EVALUATION Learning Practice Production this semester has been very enjoyable and beneficial. I have … More Practice Production

The relationship of Interior Design to Nostalgia

Nostalgia is everywhere. Every item and design has a meaningful past. Nothing is new as it has been created form different things. It is a lifetime meaningful to us. Photos, ornaments, family heirlooms’, images convey nostalgia and gives nostalgic feelings. It holds great sentiments to individuals. The nostalgic items make the interior space more of … More The relationship of Interior Design to Nostalgia

My Research On Era!

Victorian Period “The rich variety of 19th-century architectural fixtures and fittings lent much to the distinctive character of the Victorian house. For example, the fireplace was the cornerstone of domestic life in many homes, and also the visual focus of most rooms. Surrounds made of marble, slate, wood and metal appeared in a host of … More My Research On Era!

Interiors Conceptual Practice

Living It Up! Acknowledgements:  Fiona Mckichan (Information Librarian) Arts and Design Kathryn Ballard (Information Librarian) Housing Nigel Coolbrook (Friend) David Hack  and Chris North (Librarian Contact) Auction house sale catalogues I would like to gratefully acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Fiona Mckichan, Kathryn Ballard, Nigel Coolbrook, David Hack and Chris North. Were it not for … More Interiors Conceptual Practice

‘What can contemporary interior designers learn from the past?’

This essay is telling about the contemporary interior designers learning from the past interior deco. The history of interior design is a fascinating and informational subject. It definitely provides insight to how our ancestors lived and functional. Interior design and interior decorating although similar do have same distinct differences. Interior design includes the manipulating of … More ‘What can contemporary interior designers learn from the past?’

S Four Interiors Design Proposal

CONTENTS Designed Cover Page Introduction Design Proposal Flow Chart Design Process Proposed Schedule Final Statement ABOUT US S Four Interiors is a nationally and internationally recognized company in interior design industry. Our team have extensive knowledge and experience who are ready to guide you in design trends. They will guide through a process by focusing … More S Four Interiors Design Proposal

Major Project : Evaluation Paper

MY PAPER INCLUDES Results and Interpretations of research The progression and development Proposed Idea Link between theory and practice Sustained research and development References to the research Depth discussion on research Reflection of design process Evaluation on portfolio and production Scholars have rightly said that learning is a journey with no ending. It’s like horizon … More Major Project : Evaluation Paper